Loving – Cyborg Style!

couple in love

Jebediah stared at her breasts reverently for a long moment before he sucked one achingly tender tip into his mouth, teasing it with long, rough strokes of his tongue. A low growl escaping his throat, he grazed his teeth across the tip before he turned his attention to its twin.

He feasted hungrily on her body, pushing her clothing out of his way with impatient hands to explore every inch of her exposed flesh. Using his tongue, he traced a fiery path down her belly to the hollow of her hips, sending erotic tremors running from breast to belly, curling through her thighs to center in the moist depths of her sex.

She wanted him. Wanted him now. Wanted that massive cock of his buried deep inside her. She squirmed against his restraining hands, trying to free herself so that she could throw herself onto him.

Jebediah chuckled softly. “Easy, my little one. You need to learn who is in charge, and right now it’s me. I want to hear you beg me to mount you, to fuck you so hard you scream my name to all the stars in the galaxy as your world explodes around you.”

“I. Don’t. Beg.” The words were barely louder than a whisper. She found it hard to talk, hard to concentrate when her body cried in agony for his touch. Had she ever felt this needy, this wanting before?

“That is too bad.” He let her go for three prolonged, agonizing heartbeats, just enough time to strip off his own suit and expose his rock hard erection. Bereft of his support, Natalie sagged against the wall and drew in a ragged breath.

His cock was the most beautiful sight Natalie had ever seen. Long and thick, it jutted toward her with the promise of fulfillment, the promise of relief from the aching need that overflowed from every inch on her body. She wanted to feel that glorious shaft pulsing deep inside her, wanted it badly.

“Please?” The words left her mouth a soft plea, and she raised her head to meet his gaze.

“Close enough to begging for me.” Fierce triumph blazed in his eyes as he grasped her hips, positioning himself at her moist entrance. “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t know which side of the galaxy is up.”

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Loving the Alien — by Lilly Cain

Science Fiction Romance. Sometimes it’s the strange settings that make these love stories special, or the time period—far in the future—or the strange creatures that are fought or befriended while the hero and heroine fall in love.

But sometimes the hero or the heroine fall in love with the alien. That’s when things really get interesting. Think Starman, or the Bicentennial Man (yes I am counting the robot as alien), or Liloo in Fifth Element. Or Captain Kirk, pairing up with just about every alien chick he could find. J

This is more than falling in love with someone from another culture. More than a difference in language. We’re talking about beings worlds apart. They think differently than humans, act different, look different. Some of them even come with extra appendages. And it’s not a bad thing.

In my erotic romance series, The Confederacy Treaty, the aliens can make love to you with their minds, take you to worlds far away, make the most fantastic things look, taste, sound, smell and touch like reality. Imagine making love on an alien beachfront, the black sands under you and red mist swirling through the air. The Inarrii, are sensual by nature, and they’d want to share it all with you. They have to, actually. An Inarrii needs sensual contact to deal with stress.

Imagine having sensual nerve lines running over your lover’s body—stroke them and they shudder with pleasure, the nerves stiffening and rising up into thin ridges. But be careful, following the nerve lines with fingers and tongue can have a cultural impact you might not be ready for. For the Inarrii this can be tantamount to a marriage proposal.

In Alien Revealed, the first book of my series, an alien spy crash lands on earth and is helped by human Starforce pilot, Major David Brown. Here’s their first mental encounter:

She closed her eyes and looked with her empathic senses, searching for a lover who could not exist among the humans. It was a fruitless search, and she knew it, but her body was crying out for release and her mind following suit.

The medlab lay quiet around her. As her psyche wandered, she encountered only a few alert minds. Her thoughts returned to the confusing offer made by David. The big male could not know what kind of help she would most like at this point. Finally, among the sleeping minds on the base, she found his presence—much brighter than she would have expected. She looked closer, her mind grazing across his, expecting to sense the flow of muted emotion that ruled a subconscious mind. Instead bright, focused passion flooded her. Immediately she was swept inside.

Alinna gasped as David’s lips found hers. She struggled to pull away, shocked at the intensity of the sensation. The major was experiencing a vivid dream, and she could sense every nuance. This had never happened before; her talents had always stopped at the empathic level, and she’d chosen partners with the same level of ability. But here, she could feel his touch, see every detail, even smell his spicy cologne. David’s mind held on to her psyche, his desire a leash that wound around her and held her tight. As if he realized he had caught her within his dream, his mind pulled hers into a close embrace. His dream body molded itself to hers. She could feel the outline of his hardened muscles through his uniform, and her heart leapt with desire.

So, you want me to call you Alinna.”

Alinna stiffened, this shock even greater than the last. There was no indication on the species evaluation to indicate humans had any sort of psychic ability, but clearly they were wrong. The man had just spoken to her mentally, albeit in a dream.

If I call you Alinna, what will you call me?”

His mental voice rubbed against her in the same way his deep-toned speech did in the physical world. It resonated with sexual promises, no matter what the words communicated. She relaxed against him and felt his grip loosen in kind. This was a dream to him, a sexual dream. She felt her own desire return with its familiar ache. She smiled. She wasn’t one to put aside an opportunity like this. She’d figure out how he came to have these abilities later, but for now she’d make this the best dream he’d ever had.

I love the Inarrii. Wish I could meet one myself. Who is your favorite alien lover? Why? Comment and leave a contact email and I will be giving away a .PDF copy of the first book in the series.


Alien Revealed – Book One of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2010

The Naked Truth – Book Two of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2011

Undercover Alliance – Book Three of The Confederacy Treaty – 2012

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