Series: Star Haven

Title: Sinful

ISBN : 978-1-60521-328-6

 Genres: Sci Fi, Futuristic,

Themes: Magic and Mayhem

Release Date:  July 30th, 2010

Author: Anne Kane


Publisher URL  Changeling Press – Erotic Fiction






When Breanne is captured by an interstellar bounty hunter, she is furious. Her mission is to rescue a fellow Stargazer who fell prey to pirates, and she can’t do that from the brig of Roark’s space ship.

When she convinces him that they should join forces, though, they find out just how powerful they can be together. The pirates don’t stand a chance against their combined wrath. 


Amusement danced in Roark’s smoke-gray eyes, and she knew he could sense her uncertainty. She felt her temper rising, but this wasn’t the time to indulge in a tantrum. She needed to get on with her mission, and to do that she needed to outsmart this sinfully sexy bounty hunter.

Reaching behind her, he released her wrists, wrapping the length of plas-tek into a neat coil and tucking it into a pocket. The feel of his turgid shaft digging into her soft belly gave her a sinfully delicious idea. As a Stargazer, she could harness the power generated by sexual encounters, and if she seduced this bounty hunter, she could use his own arrogant power against him. She felt the corner of her mouth curve up as she let her lashes sweep down to hide the calculating gleam in her eyes. “My, you’re a big man. Maybe we can work something out.” She let a note of breathless anticipation creep into her voice while her left hand moved over his chest in a practiced caress.

His eyes darkened as he pulled her in, and his shaft swelled even larger. Breanne relaxed, molding her body against his, and tilted her head. She parted her lips slightly and let the tip of her tongue slide along the edges, leaving them wet and glistening.

“Now that’s more like it.” His arms tightened around her, drawing her even closer as he lowered his head to take her lips in a searing kiss that sent lust coiling deep in the pit of her belly. His tongue slid along the seam of her lips, demanding entrance. Breanne acquiesced, opening her mouth to allow him to plunder at will.

He took immediate advantage, his tongue sweeping in to explore every nook and cranny, sliding along her teeth and probing deep. Not submissive by nature, Breanne used her tongue to challenge him, letting him know how much she wanted him. She felt the heat slide along every nerve when he refused to back down. Most men deferred to her status as part of the ruling Triad, letting her take the lead in sexual encounters.

Roark broke off first, nibbling his way down her neck. His sharp teeth sent darts of liquid heat sliding down her spine, and a soft whimper escaped her.

“Like that, do you?” He chuckled softly and scooped her up in his muscular arms. “I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.”

She blinked, and then realized he was referring to his earlier comment. Making a conscious effort to relax, she raised her arms to wind them around his neck. “I won’t hurt you either.” She favored him with a full smile. “Unless you want me to.”

“You are a feisty little morsel, aren’t you? I can see why Keiro is in such a hurry to get you back.” He bent to toss her onto the sleeping platform.

Breanne rolled over and stretched out on the firm surface. Looking up, she saw the bounty hunter’s amused expression as he stripped off his clothing with a minimum of wasted movement and tossed it carelessly on the floor. She studied his nude body with interest as he stalked toward her. She’d seen her share of naked men, and he was impressive. Heavy muscles covered a large frame, and a jagged scar ran from beneath his left nipple to the edge of his hip. Her gaze went lower, to where his thick shaft jutted out from a nest of dark curls. She licked her lips in anticipation of the energy their union would produce.


The single word, uttered in a husky growl, sent a shiver of lust spinning down her spine. She got to her feet in the middle of the sleeping platform, letting the natural buoyancy of the platform cause her body sway seductively. Making eye contact, she let a smile play across her lips while she raised her hands to the tiny seals that held the uni-suit closed down the front. Humming an ancient fertility song, she toyed with each seal before releasing them one by one. The taut material sprang apart as each seal gave way, opening a path from neck to thigh.

She watched his eyes darken as her full breasts spilled free of their restraints, and her smile widened. Seduction was one of the first things a Stargazer learned. The bounty hunter didn’t stand a chance. She continued to release the seals, letting her hips sway in time to her humming, and soon she stood before him completely naked. She lifted her arms above her head, the move lifting her breasts.

Roark let his breath out in a loud whoosh, his gaze devouring her full figure. “We may be taking the long route back to Keiro’s.” He reached out a hand and grasped her wrist to gently tug her toward him.