Flash Fiction (100 words or less)

Came across this on my hard drive. It’s from a Flash Fiction challenge at Changeling Press about a decade ago but I thought it was worth reposting.

Plot Bunnies!

He felt the blood rushing to his loins as the woman bent over to whisper something in her girlfriend’s ear. The low neck of her tee shirt dipped even lower, exposing the sweet curves of her breasts. He flexed his hands, aching to slide them inside the material and cup the mounds of soft flesh. Time to make his move.

He slid off his barstool and strode across the room. What the hell? His foot slipped as something crashed into the back of his leg. A lot of somethings! Hundreds of rabbits of every shape, size, and color hopped across the floor of the bar, heading for his intended prey. Plot bunnies!

Could it be true? Had he really been drawn in by one of those? The delectable woman with the sultry dark eyes was an author!


Happy Reading

Anne Kane


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