Alien Lover



Genres: Paranormal, Futuristic

Alien Romance,

Author: Anne Kane



Jenna has a secret — her alien blood makes her completely lose control during sex. It takes a strong man to be able to stand up to her demands, and so far she hasn’t found one strong enough to want to come back for more. On the eve of the biggest Sci-Fi convention in the known universe, she makes a wish. Now it’s up to Doug, the sexy troubleshooter from the Wishes Gone Wrong department of Wishlabz Inc. to make sure it comes out right. Because a wish gone wrong can be a very dangerous thing…


“Oh, yeah!” Awe tinged Doug’s voice as he brought his hands up, weighing her breasts in his palms. Lowering his head, he slid his tongue across one dusky nipple.

Darts of liquid fire radiated from the sensitive tip and pooled low in Jenna’s belly. “We need to get out of these clothes. Fast.” She muttered the words out as Doug scored his teeth across the other nipple, lust gleaming in his dark eyes.

Kicking off  her knee high boots, she Skimmed the material down over her hips. She wiggled out of her suit and reached for the belt buckle at Doug’s waist. For just a second the metal resisted, but then the clasp let loose and she slipped the leather through the buckle. She practically tore the pants from his body, yanking them down to his ankles and pulling off first one shoe and then the other before she managed to work the uniform bottoms over his feet and toss them aside.

“You really are an eager little number!” Doug kneaded her breasts, the feelings his warm hands invoked driving her lust even higher. “Why isn’t every guy this side of the Milky Way beating a path to your door? I can’t believe you had to resort to a wish to get a little action.”

Oh, you’ll figure it out. A fleeting pang of regret pierced her lustful frenzy. About the time you’re trying to crawl through my front door to get away from me. I’m just too much. Too horny. Too hard to satisfy. If that monster was the best that Wishlabz could come up with, I guess I really am a lost cause.

But she had no intention of letting Doug off the hook. Later, he might run like a demon hoard was pursuing him, but right now he was hot and hard and ready for action.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of his briefs, she quickly pulled them to his knees. His massive cock, freed of the imprisoning spandex, curved proudly upward, and Jenna ran her tongue across her bottom lip. Heat flooded through her every nerve ending, sending inhibitions flying.

She glanced around the room. The bed? Maybe later. Grabbing his hand, she led him to the overstuffed armchair occupying the corner of the room, and pushed him down in it. She dropped to her knees in front of him and engulfed his cock in her mouth.

Doug gasped at the incredible sensation. Jenna’s mouth closed over him hot and hungry, sucking so hard that her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue curled around his shaft, working it with long wet strokes that sent desire streaking through him. Her hair slid across his thighs in dark waves, and he ran his hands through its silken glory.

She devoured him; there was no other way to describe it. Licking. Sucking. Her teeth scraped along the sides of his shaft, sending incredible bursts of lust through every nerve.

His cock reacted instantly, growing longer and impossibly hard. He felt his balls draw up, getting ready to shoot their load down her sexy throat. Running his fingers through her hair, he tangled the long strands around his fingers as his hips moved, thrusting up in time to the movement of her glorious tongue. It felt so good, lust and need consuming his entire body. He’d had blowjobs before, he’d hardly led the life of a monk, but he’d never met a woman who put so much enthusiasm behind it.

Jenna reached up and cupped his sac, her long fingers stroking the base of his shaft with just enough pressure to make him gasp. Her green eyes gleaming with lust, she sucked and licked, stroked and squeezed.

Doug couldn’t help the long groan that escaped his lips as he felt the orgasm starting at the tips of his toes and roaring through his body. He threw his head back and let out a guttural roar as his balls sent the load of cum rocketing down Jenna’s waiting throat. She smiled around his cock, still sucking, her tongue swirling along his hard length to milk every last drop from his shaft.

Doug loosened his grip on her hair, his body relaxing under her practiced hands. “Damn, you’re good with that mouth.” He stroked a stray lock of hair back behind her ear, marveling again at the silky texture. His earlier comment about alien blood hadn’t been entirely nonchalant. She truly did have an exotic look about her that he couldn’t quite pin down. Maybe later, when his head stopped spinning.

“I do enjoy the taste of a nice cock.” A sensual smile lit up her face as she lifted her head. “But we’re not done yet, are we?”