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Cirque Caprice 1: Tarot
by Julia Talbot
Cover art: Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-595-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Gay and Lesbian
Series: Cirque Caprice

PI Jake wants answers. Cirque Caprice boss wants Jake. Will Jake run away and join the circus?

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Wolfman 2: Revelations
by Brannan Black
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-602-7
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Werewolves, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Wolfman

What could be worse than getting captured by wolfmen? Try taking one home to meet mom…

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Rough, Tough and Tumble 2: Blood, Sex and Leers
by Kate Hill
Cover art: Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-490-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Time Travel
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Shapeshifters
Series: Rough, Tough and Tumble

Vamps might be the legendary lords of sex and violence, but they haven’t met time travelers.

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Mating Moon
by B.J. McCall
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-588-4
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Werewolves, Men and Women in Uniform
Series: Moonlust

Hudson considers himself a mated wolf. Now all he has to do is convince Leigh he’s her perfect alpha…

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Now Available! Mirror, Mirror: Enchanted

Series: Mirror, Mirror

Title: Enchanted

ISBN : 978-1-60521-569-3

 Genres: Paranormal, Hot Flash  Themes: Magic and  Mayhem

Price: $2.99

Publisher URL  Changeling Press – Erotic Fiction






Kaylee goes to the famous singles resort looking for love, and is disappointed when all she finds are men with egos the size of her shoe closet. But when she gets into an elevator and finds a sexy hunk trapped in an enchanted mirror, she gets sucked into a whole other dimension where true love is the key to happiness.







Kaylee stalked into the elevator and punched the button for the fifth floor. “The only thing memorable about the men in this damn place is their egos. The asshole actually expected me to pick up the tab for dinner!” She realized she was talking to herself, but she was too pissed to care. “And he never shut up! Two freaking hours and I don’t think I got six words in edgewise.”


She turned to glare at the far wall. The male pictured in the mirrored elevator wall stared back at her with a sympathetic smile on his lips. Damn guy looked almost alive. Pity she couldn’t trade him for one of the self important fools wandering around the resort. She’d come to the Tavoro Sands Singles Resort on a whim, and it was starting to look like a bad one.


“Now you’re more to my taste.” She smirked at the picture. “Tall, dark and silent!” Snorting at her own wit, she studied the man in the mirror. He topped six feet, with dark wavy hair held back from his face with a strip of leather, and deep blue eyes that sparkled with life. Bare to the waist, his wide shoulders and muscular chest narrowed to lean hips covered by worn jeans that just begged to be removed. 


Kaylee licked her lips. Judging by the size of the bulge in the front of those jeans, he could keep her entertained for hours without opening his mouth once. Now why couldn’t he have been the one to take her out to dinner evening? Oh right, he wasn’t real!


She reached up and laid the palm of her hand on the man’s reflected chest. Warmth radiated from the firm flesh. Kaylee blinked. Warmth? Firm flesh? What the hell? She tried to pull her hand back, but it didn’t budge. She watched in disbelief. Her hand sunk into the surface of the glass as the man took a slow step backward.


She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. A blinding flash of light dazed her. A strange slurping sound filled her ears. Despite her resistance, she realized she was being relentlessly sucked right through the mirror. Snapping her mouth shut, she tilted her head to stare up at the man now standing in front of her.


He really was a man, not a picture. And he really was tall! The corners of his mouth tilted up in a tentative smile, and Kaylee found herself returning it. This couldn’t be happening. Maybe she’d had more to drink with dinner than she’d thought. She waited for him to say something, but he just kept looking at her. Odd.


“Am I in the mirror now too?” The man nodded. “You can’t speak?” Talk about a dream come true!


The man shrugged and reached out, his gaze fixating on her lips as he leaned forward to trace them with his finger. Kaylee found herself fascinated with his mute admiration. She opened her lips and nipped the tip of his finger. Giggling at the startled expression on his face, she ran her tongue down the length of his finger in a sensual caress.


His eyes sparkled with lust and he took her hand, turning to lead her away from the reflection of the elevator. Kaylee resisted for a moment, looking back. Shouldn’t she make an effort to return to her own side of the mirror? And yet, fire raced through her at the man’s touch, and the thought of returning to the boring males available back at the resort didn’t thrill her.


“Come.” He whispered the word softly, his voice low and sexy.


She lifted her chin and stared up into his delectable blue eyes. “You can talk.”


He smiled. “Yes. When needed. You didn’t seem the type to welcome pointless drivel. My name’s Jackson. I have a room down the hall where we can be more comfortable.”


He’d been silent because he knew she wanted it. How cool! She couldn’t remember any man ever being that considerate of her feelings. Warmth slithered down her spine. “Thanks, Jackson. My name’s Kaylee. I’d love to see your room.” She emphasized the last word, letting the desire washing through her veins show in her voice.







Sixth annual Stroke of Midnight contest!

Please help by forwarding the announcement below to your loops and tweeting your friends.  Even better – if you can, enter the contest.  The odds of making the finals are great!

We need 5 more historical entries, 5 more Sci Fi/Fant/Fut entries, 1 more paranormal and 2 more novellas for viable categories.

Permission to Forward Granted

Passionate Ink’s Sixth Annual Stroke of Midnight Contest

EXTENDED to Feb 7th – Short in ALL Categories especially HISTORICAL, SCI FI/FANTASY and NOVELLA!

Link to Enter – [url=”“][/url]

Make the first 35 pages of your novel so compelling that an editor has
to have more!

Five Sizzling Finalists in Five Categories:

Contemporary – novels with erotic elements that focus on the
developing romantic relationship in a contemporary setting. Includes
series and single-title length romances. Can also include elements of
romantic suspense/intrigue.

Historical – novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing
romantic relationship in a historical setting.

Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-fi – novels with erotic elements that focus on
the developing romantic relationship in any setting in the future, an
alternate world/reality, or another planet. Includes elements such as
elves/faerie, sword & sorcery, aliens, etc.

Paranormal/Time Travel – novels with erotic elements that focus on the
developing romantic relationship in any setting that includes elements
of time travel, angels, vampires, werewolves or other paranormal

Novellas – novellas of 10,000 to 25,000 words with erotic elements
that focus on developing romantic relationship in any setting.

**All categories are open to alternative lifestyle entries and any
entry that reflects an erotic romance between two or more people,
straight, gay, bi, or any romantic combination.**

All entries must be in RTF format.

All entries must be at least 10,000 words in their completed form.

Link to Enter – [url=”“][/url]

Judging and Prizes:

First Round: Preliminary-round judging will be completed by three
qualified judges – Passionate Ink and other RWA members experienced in
critiquing and/or published authors familiar with our genre. All
scores will be added and averaged to determine the entrant’s ranking.
Every attempt will be made to provide entrants with detailed score
sheets and judges’ comments from this preliminary round. Top five
entries in each category will move to final round.

Final Round: The top five finalists in each category will be ranked by
the following industry professionals:

Contemporary: Angela James, Carina Press

Historical: Treva Harte, Loose ID

Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-fi: Kelli Collins, Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal/Time Travel: Melissa Jeglinski, The Knight Agency

Novellas: Lindsey Faber, Samhain Publishing

First place winners in each category will receive a free one year
membership in Passionate Ink ($25 value), a certificate, and an award
graphic for their website. (Writing teams will split the membership.)
All other finalists will receive certificates and a finalist graphic
for their website. All entries will be returned after finalists are
determined and statistical information is complete. Winners will be
announced at the Passionate Ink gathering at the Romance Writers’ of
America National Conference in New York. Results will be listed on the
Passionate Ink website, in the chapter’s newsletter, as well as have
their names published in the Romance Writer’s Report.

The decisions of judges are final.

Rules for Entry


All contest entrants must be 18 years of age by the contest entry deadline date.
Contest is open to all authors with unpublished, uncontracted
full-length erotic romance manuscripts of at least 25,000 words
(except novellas which must be at least 10,000) in the category they
wish to enter.

Entry Deadline & Submission:

Entry Form and details – [url=”“][/url]

All entries must be electronic in RTF format.  All entries must be in one file.
All entries and payment must be received completed by MIDNIGHT EST Feb
7, 2011. All materials, including entries and entry fees, must be
received by that date.

Submit questions via email to It is the
author’s responsibility to enter the manuscript in the correct
category. All clarifications as to category should be made prior to

Entrants may enter as many categories as they wish with DIFFERENT
submissions, but cannot enter the same manuscript in two categories.
Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee either via
a mailed check or online PayPal payment.

There is a minimum requirement of 10 entries per category. If a
category does not receive a sufficient number of submissions to make
the category viable, the category will be canceled. The entrant will
be asked to provide a second choice of categories. If the entrant does
not wish to place the entry in another category, the entry and
associated fees will be returned.

Entry Form and details – [url=”“][/url]

Entry Fees:

Passionate Ink members: $15
Others: $25

Email payments via PayPal to:

or mail payments to:

Stroke of Midnight Contest
c/o Robin L. Rotham
PO Box 2412
Norfold, NE 68701

Make checks payable to: Passionate Ink

Entry fees must be received prior to the entry deadline.
Include your name in the subject line and the titles of your
entry(ies) in the comments box, if paying via PayPal. Include the
title of your entry in the Memo field if paying via check.

Entry Format:

All entries must be electronic in RTF format.  The synopsis and entry
must be in the same file.

Send a maximum of the first 35 pages of your manuscript (20 pages for
novella entries).

Entries must be in proper manuscript format: One sided, double-spaced
with one inch margins all around, size 12 font (like Times New
Roman or Courier) is recommended.

On the first page only, title and category on top left; page number on
top right. Subsequent pages should include only title and page number.
Name of author should not appear anywhere on manuscript; the entry
will be disqualified if name is on submission.

A synopsis of up to 5 single-spaced pages (which will not be judged)
must also be included. No cover page is necessary.

Link to Enter – [url=”“][/url]

Email questions to Sharon at