A Learning Experience

As most of you probably know, I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago. Now things have improved since the dark ages of plaster casts and don’t have a shower for the next four to six weeks. (Shudder) I have a lovely contraption called an air cast on it. It looks as if I’m walking around with one downhill ski boot on. An interesting fashion statement, to say the least. It’s heavy, and annoying, and occasionally hard to get into the car or truck with, but still much better than plaster. So, overall, I should be grateful for our modern medical system and the ability to shower on a regular basis.

My mother used to have a phrase that she liked to throw at me a lot when I had to do something I didn’t want to do. “Think of it as a learning experience.” Well, this has certainly been a learning experience. My first broken bone. My first ride in an ambulance. My first experience with crutches. And the first time since I turned sixteen (don’t do the math, it’s scary!) that I have been physically unable to drive for a long period of time.

Do you have any idea how frustrating that is?! I need to ask someone to take me to the grocery store. I need to have a coworker pick me up for work each morning, and drop me off at night. I have to get someone to ferry me back and forth to church. I’ve missed the last three choir practices because I couldn’t find anyone to give me a ride. It’s maddening! If this is a leaning experience, then the thing I have learned the best is that I love my car, and driving is a fundamental part of my life.

So, what else have I learned from this? Don’t walk on ice, it’s slippery. Be nice to absolutely everyone – I never know when I will have to depend on them for rides. It’s a whole lot farther from the living room to the kitchen when I am hopping around on crutches. (Maybe I’ll lose some weight) Sometimes the stairs are easier to negotiate on my butt. And no matter how grumpy I get, the dog still loves me!

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