Sad News…

Lena Austin is a fellow Changeling Press author, a mentor, a friend and a wonderful, sharing,caring woman. On Sunday, her beloved husband passed away, and I am so very sorry for her loss. Words are never adequate at times like these. Many of you may know her from her work as an author or as the Marketing Coordinator for Changeling Press. It’s at times like these that we come together to help each other cope. Below is a note from the Publisher of Changleing press. If you can help, please do.


Lena Austin’s husband, Randy, passed away last night. We’ve received dozens of emails asking about funeral arrangements, donations or flowers.
I got a note from Lena this morning saying Randy hated funerals and flowers. At some point they may hold a small, private family memorial, but no flowers, please. I know Lena’s done nothing but run back and forth to the hospital for over a week. She’s got to be exhausted, wiped out physically as well as financially. (If you’ve never tried living at a hospital day after day when you’re not the patient, I’d not recommend it.)
I’m thinking what Lena needs most is emotional support and cash to help with immediate expenses. I’m using my personal PayPal account (it was dormant) to accept and forward donations. If you’d like to contribute, send PayPal donations to mogwit@aolcom . Please use “Personal” to minimize the fees — we want any donations to go to Lena, not PayPal. Send what you’d send if we were getting together to do flowers — $5 or $10, IF you can afford it. And if you can’t, please don’t feel bad. There are a lot of us. We’ll do fine.
Margaret Riley

One thought on “Sad News…

  1. Beth January 13, 2011 / 2:13 am

    What a terrible way to start 2011! I wish Lena and her family all the best. They shall be in my prayers.

    Beth Gains

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