Blogger’s Block

By Em Petrova

 Most of us who blog face it. The dreaded blogger’s block. Whether you’re supplying information to your regular followers or doing a guest post, blogging is tough work. I don’t personally have a blog, but beg guest spots from my author friends (thanks Anne! *waves*). When I have a release, I try to set up a blog tour to promote it. This month I have two releases, and on April 1st I’ll have another. That equals a lot of blogging, and basically I have blogger burnout.

 Connecting with readers is important to me, and I look forward to it. But sometimes I don’t have a topic in mind, and that’s when I have a problem. (cue horror movie scream). Blogger’s block seems worse than writer’s block. When my muse needs a little rejuvenation, I simply take a long drive or scrub a kitchen floor. But when I’m lacking a blog topic, I’m sort of screwed. I start reaching into the strange netherworlds of topics…unionization of alien factory workers, how to choose a brand of toenail polish, skimping on calories while only drinking vodka—topics that are a little offbeat and probably reveal more about my instability than I’d like.

 After moaning to a friend about my lack of topics, I came up with a great plan. Create a set of cards with blog topics and Go Fish for one! What a terrific idea! I’ll make millions!

 If only I could come up with topics.

 While it’s a stellar idea, I’ll probably never go forward with it. If you want to, go ahead. I promise I’ll be first in line to buy a deck. I don’t even want credit for the idea. Just give me the damn topics and I’ll be happy.

 After an hour of kicking around blog ideas, I dug into my work in progress instead. It’s a man of mystery story with a studly spy hero and a psychic heroine he forces into the position of sidekick as they struggle to rescue her sister from sex slave traders. A snappy dialogue scene and a few smoldering kisses later, I finished the chapter with a smile on my face.

 Though I had rocked the word count, I was still minus a blog topic. But I had to attend a family birthday party for both of my sisters-in-law and left the house thinking I’d come up with something great to blog about as I listened to the relatives bitch about who doesn’t have gravy yet, argue about whose husband didn’t come through with chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, and which of the ten grandchildren had the worst discipline record at school this week (serious topics here, I swear.)

 I heard  recounting about a man who went to Newfoundland to hunt moose and got stuck in a bog up to his armpits because his guide had just had a triple bypass and sent him into the wilds on his own. But did not find a blog topic. My husband recited a logbook entry on a National Forest trail he’d recently hiked, which read: “That was one hell of a birthday party, but next time I wake up in the woods, I’m going to kick someone’s ass.” Great fodder for a book, but no blog topic. My nephew filled us in about his buddy who punched a kid on the soccer field and was kicked out of the game. Good to know I’m not the only one with anger management issues, but I didn’t find a topic.

Finally, I did what any self-respecting writer would do. I surfed the internet, visiting all my favorite blogs for inspiration. After all, my mind always takes an alternate path while reading blogs. But today nothing jumped out at me. In the end, I settled at my keyboard and typed whatever came to mind, which sometimes is more fun than researching a topic. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of flying by the seat of my pants (for the most part, I am a pantster). I hope I’ve offered a little glimpse into my daily life, or given you an idea for your own blog. In the end, I’ve learned that blogger’s block is a lot like writer’s block. Sometimes a few words carry momentum, and pretty soon, you’ve pounded out 700 words!

So what do you do when you get blocked? I’d love to hear about the things that inspire you to write, whether it’s blogs or novels.


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